Earth 9 chapter 3

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Chapter 3

198 pulled back his sleeve and turned his wrist up to the bloated skies, looking down at his locator, he slid a finger over the surface, and the interface came alive in vivid blue.

The beacon for the gap was right in front of him, just maybe they would flee to this location.

He pushed at the black and blue screen that covered his forearm; it went dark, a light bleeped by his wrist and then a voice spoke.
“Have you located the target?”
“Negative but I have traced a gap.”
The voice went silent and then spoke through the comm link.
“Very good, I’m locked in, ETA 3 minutes.”
The screen went blank and reanimated back to the location screen.

198 pulled down the sleeve of his suit and set in to wait and watch the derelict Terrence house.

A few moments late two men approached and stopped outside. One pulled the graffiti board away to access the house and ushered through the second man.

198 logged the event and continued to watch.
Shortly after another regulator rounded the corner and approached 198.

“Any movement?”

“Two men, the target and the one who blew a hole in 203.”

The second agent nodded and pressed at his communicate on his wrist.

“Proceed with caution, the data shows the damage in the tube carriage was done by a P222, whoever this guy is, he’s from our world or at least has our tech.”


Both Regulators pulled their guns from inside their jackets and approached the house.

“I can’t believe you did it.” Sam put both hands to his head.
Jake’s confusion showed on his face.

“What do you mean, what did I do?” Sam turned back to Jake.

“The man who gave you that.” Sam pointed to the device.

“Did you feel like you knew him?” Jake thought back to the moment when he met the man’s eyes.

“Yeah, sort of, it was a bit weird really.” Sam slapped at his thighs.

“Unbelievable, that guy was you.” Jake looked even more confused.

“He was you from my world.” Sam stared blankly back.

“your doppelgänger, no?….in most universes there is a YOU but fundamentally different”.

“Oh ok, So why did I give this, whatever this is, to myself then? I don’t get it?”

Jake turned the gray metal device in his hands and shot Sam a glance.

“Remembers my friend who went missing, well I feared he was dead, but apparently he’s alive and well, or was. He was the one who built that.” Sam pointed to the device.

“And what is it?”

Sam motioned for Jake to pass him the device, Sam pulled at the shaft, and it extended a few inches. The crystal at the top started to glow white.

“It’s a dimension shifter. It allows whoever is holding it to leap through to a different dimension at will. It takes a bit of practice to use because you need to know where you want to go, so to the like of say, you, who haven’t been to any other dimension, it’s completely useless but for me, it’s priceless.”

Sam’s wrist beeped, and he turned towards the window.

“Get down.” He shouted and flung himself to the dirty wooden floor.

The front window shattered and all hell broke loose.
Jake fell to the floor trembling. Glass and debris fell all around him.

He managed to squirm to the door under the barrage of showering glass and pulses of light, and out into the dark corridor.

Sam answered back with his own gun and was soon at Jake’s back.

“Quickly to the garden.”

Sam scurried past Jake to a doorway to his right. The door hung on limp hinges until another shot from the Regulators splinted it to tinder.

Covering himself from the falling detritus, he half crouched and ran through into the small galley kitchen and out the back door to the garden.

Jake tripped and fell, stumbling into Sam.

The dead body at their feet was dressed in dark clothing with an insignia of a silver Phoenix on his arm. Jake also noticed the light gun in his right hand, as if he were in or expected to be in a fight.

Sam righted Jake and reached down toward the dead guardian all the while shooting pluses from his gun back into the house, blindly Sam quickly rummaged through the Guardian’s pockets, finally pulling a circular orange ball from within the inside pocket.
The Regulators had converged on the door and started to return fire.

Sam propelled Jake to the brick wall at the back of the courtyard garden.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Quickly, Damn it, Jake, go through.” Sam yelled anger flashed across his eyes as dirt sprayed up from the ground.

“Where, what?”

Jake’s spluttering was cut short as Sam barged into him sending him into the wall, he just made out Sam throwing the item on the floor; a blast of light erupted from the ball, and Sam followed in Jake’s wake.

Jake had the weird sensation of falling only he wasn’t falling; he could feel something solid beneath his feet, and the brick wall was gone too, replaced with what he could only explain as water but thicker.

He had been diving once, with friends in Fiji; it felt a lot like that, only it wasn’t water, the breath he was drawing negated that, and he wasn’t floating either.

His surrounding was very confusing, he didn’t know if he could see for miles or couldn’t see far at all, the ripples and defections of light were playing tricks with his eyes. Before he had time to ponder this, Jake was stood upon a hillside with the wind battering his face.

Sam appeared out of nowhere; a small tongue of flames propelled him through the air, making him landing heavily a little way away from Jake.

“Urrrgh, that hurt.” Sam rolled on to his knees and slowly stood, arching his back with hands upon his hips.

“What the hell just happened? Where’s the house, the Regulators, the dead guard?”

“Calm down Jake it’s ok. We’re somewhere else, somewhere away from them. We just came through a gap.”

“A gap? What the hell is a gap? This doesn’t make sense.” Jake struggled to grasp what had just happened.

“Look, Jake, each of our worlds has its own fabric; It’s like a skin that separates it from the others. A protective barrier. It stops the worlds merging, an event which would destroy both those worlds by the way”.
Jake closed his eyes.

Maybe it was all a dream, I’m still on the tube to work, I’ve just fallen asleep and I’m having a dream, just close your eyes Jake and calm down, ok 1.2.3.

Jake opened his eyes, there were still on the hillside, and Sam was still talking.

“In some places that fabric is thick, in others it’s thin.

There are a few places in each world that the fabric is so thin that it’s blended together, These formations are stable and allow passage between those two worlds. We call these passages geometric portals or gaps for short. We just used one to escape.”

“Do you realize you explain things way too much.”

“I have no idea what you mean mate?”

“You could have just said we came through a portal.”

“It’s a bit more complicated than that mate, I want you to understand..”

“Yeah yeah, I get it.” Jake Scrawled.

“But what about them?”

“I regrettably destroyed the gap from the other side, so they couldn’t follow, which also means we have to find another to get away from here, wherever this is?”

Sam twist his arm and tapped at a device on his forearm, slowly turning around on the spot.

Jake squatted and dug his fingers into the moist ground.

“Gap’s.” Jake shook his head.

“My people have always known about them thanks to the council.”

“Well, maybe I owe the council my life then.” The annoyance was barely hidden in his voice as he stood up and looked about. A hawk-like creature screeched above; 4 white wing with tips of purple fought against the battling wind, the mountains behind were capped with white snow.

“Where the hell are we Sam?”

Jake shouted against the wind; it was picking up and making it cold, he pulled closed his suit jacket, and hugged his stomach.

“Earth 18, I think? but don’t worry I think I’ve found another gap if I’m reading this right.” He slapped at the interface.

“Ah that it. Yes, it not that far from here, maybe a few hours walk.”

“Earth 18?, it doesn’t look a lot different than Scotland, except for that bird I just saw. I remember my father taking me here, umm there once, before he died.”

Jake kicked at a small rock sending it flying over a small precipice.
“How do you know where the gaps are?”

Sam looked up from his wrist.

“The council have been sending scouts from our dimension for many years, to document the locations and, ultimately the destinations, in case any other worlds are hostile.”

His wrist made a small beep and Sam pointed over Jake’s shoulder.

“The gap is just over that stream in the distance.”


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