[CW] Write a horror story in the style of a child’s first book. 

Where’s your mummy?

Where’s your mummy, do you want to help me look? I’m sure we’ll find some pieces, scattered somewhere in this book. She had a head, body, arms, legs and feet. But she was being naughty, she was being a cheat.

Is mummy in the bedroom?

Let’s look in the bedroom; I think I see mummy on the bed, No, that just bloody blond hair, scalped off from your mummy’s head. What’s that covered by the clothes on the big red seat? It looks like two severed legs, oh yes, those are your mummy’s feet.

Is mummy in the living room?

Let’s look in the living room, although mummy’s not living anymore, Can you see the blood stains, clotting on the floor? What’s that in the corner, mummy tried to raise the alarm. Oh look, it’s mangled but I think it’s your mummy’s arm.

Is mummy in the kitchen?

Let’s look around the kitchen; I’m sure will find her here, Oh look, up on the counter, it looks like your mummy’s ear. There’s blood and guts all over, what color is this cleaver. I think I know where your mummy is, let’s look inside the freezer.

We found her, well its was mummy’s favorite place. Although she looks unhappy, but maybe that just the bruises on her face.

That’s what happens when you’re naughty, so remember to not be a whore. Because next time I’ll get out the cleaver, and we can play once more.

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